About Joyce & Keith Robinson

Star Ranch Animal Sanctuary created by, Joyce Robinson, has been rescuing animals all her life, or at least since she was about 5 years old. After she met and married her husband, Keith Robinson., in 1995, the two continued to rescue animals together. At first, their animal rescue operation started off with just dogs that people had dropped off on the empty country roads. Then cats and kittens started moving in. Before long, their rescue efforts expanded to include horses, jackasses and even pigs, and in 2012, the Star Ranch Animal Sanctuary was born.
Today, a wide range of rescued animals have found a new life at the Star Ranch Animal Sanctuary. Among the many creatures that Joyce and Keith care for are two pigs, one large one and one potbellied Wilbur, a rabbit named Molly, and a pigmy goat named Silver. The Robinsons also feed the local squirrels, wild rabbits, chipmunks, crows, doves and a variety of wild birds. They even enjoy frequent visits from a local roadrunner that comes by to eat the bird food too.
Located in the pristine wilderness of Eastern Arizona, the Star Ranch Animal Sanctuary is host to a variety of stunning wildlife encounters, Joyce and Keith have been personally witnessed. During one such encounter, Joyce was amazed to see the local crows and a coyote eating their dog food together. On another occasion, after refilling a small pond on the property, she later found a beautiful hawk using the pond to take its bath. The Robinsons are grateful every day for all the amazing experiences the ranch has offered them.
However, life at the Star Ranch Animal Sanctuary is not without its challenges, one of which is the expense involved in caring for the rescued animals that call the ranch home. All the animals are given any medical attention or care they may need to ensure their health, including dewormers, vaccinations, antibiotics for illnesses or infections, spay and neuter procedures, hoof trimmings and any necessary surgical procedures. Additionally, the Robinsons care for two diabetic dogs that require two insulin shots each every day. The Robinsons also built a heated and air conditioned dog barn to ensure the comfort of the animals and to protect them from the extremes of temperature that are common to the mountains of Eastern Arizona.
The Robinsons greatly appreciate any help in taking care of these precious animals. Your support will help pay for medications, medical procedures, food, facilities maintenance and animal care. By donating, you’ll also be helping the Star Ranch Animal Sanctuary continue operating as a nonprofit, no-kill shelter. Your donation can help save lives and provide loving homes.