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The Star Ranch Animal Sanctuary is a nonprofit, no-kill animal shelter, dedicated to rescuing animals that have been abandoned or neglected. While the Star Ranch Animal Shelter was only very recently established in 2012 by founders Joyce and Keith Robinson, Joyce, has been rescuing animals for over 50 years.

Currently, the Star Ranch Animal Sanctuary provides a safe and loving home for a variety of rescued animals, including dogs, cats, goats, horses, pigs and other domesticated fauna. Located in Eastern Arizona, animals at the sanctuary are provided with quality medical care and treatment as well as food, shelter and love.

Part of why Star Ranch Animal Sanctuary is able to provide this wonderful safe haven and give these animals a second chance is because of the generous contributions of our donors. The Robinsons greatly appreciate any help in taking care of the sanctuary’s rescued animals that donors can provide. Your support will help pay for medications, medical procedures, food, facilities maintenance and other animal care needs. Your donation can even help save lives.

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